Your Red Day Could Be the Best Day of Your Life

This is when opportunity meets preparation… in a weird way.

You hate periods. Who doesn’t? Even guys hate it for the mood swings it brings to us girls. Imagine the very first day when you had your period. Around high school when puberty strikes.

What did you wear to ease the bleeding?
Was it the same with what you’re wearing now?


Our Country’s Most Popular Solution


From the cottony ones to the plasticky ones, from with wings to all-nighters. From regular to thin to ultra-thin. Yes, we have options. Each situation calls for the snug fit pads.

Going to sleep?
An all-nighter.

Normal day?
A regular pad will do.

Hard flow?
An all-nighter all day.

Running? Swimming? Working out?

No. Haven’t figured out what to wear on the last one.

I was sick of sitting on my own blood for 7 days a month.

First of all, I did everything in my power to hold my relationship with pads for a long time. We had this love-hate relationship for more than 6 years.

Major reason for our breakup: it can’t keep up with the active lifestyle I want to lead. And I was sick of sitting on my own blood for 7 days a month.

Already working at that time, I watched this admirable lady competing for swimming. She was of course wearing a bathing suit. And as I stared at her, questions came by.

“Well, how do pads fit in there?”

“Hell no, it wouldn’t fit in there.”

“Oh, they’re cancelling the event when she’s on period.”

“What? They will cancel the Olympics for her period?!”

It dawned on me. There’s got to be another route rather than wearing pads.

Then I Met Tam

Both exciting and interesting to my blown mind, I went out to meet tampons in person. You’re thinking I should have learned about this during sex-ed right? Okay, I was daydreaming at class. Sorry!

In the Philippines, tampons are never endorsed on TV. Ads revolved around different brands and variations of pads. Which made me believe that it was the ONLY solution to women’s monthly bleeding.

The demand for tampons is low and you’re lucky if you find one in the common supermarkets. You have to go to specific stores that offer tampons. Most of the time, they are out-of-stock.

I got one box to get to know Tam. It didn’t work out.

Well, I am one of those girls with heavy periods. I can fill up at least 4 pads on a normal day. And tampons could not keep up with how bloody heavy my period is.

The moment Tam is already full, I would definitely get my pants stained. And it almost always happened. Paranoid about getting stained, I visit the restroom once in an hour.

So, no. Sorry Tam.

Can I still have a happy ending?

After two failures, will I be able to be with someone who will keep up with my active lifestyle? That thought keeps me up at night.

I’m talking about period.
I’m also not talking about period.


I found my way to menstrual cup. Yes, that’s how they call it. Cup means it’s being a catch basin. That’s it.

The menstrual cup finds its way to the rabbit hole like tampons. But instead of absorbing, the cup is being filled up.

What to love the most about menstrual cup:

  • Poses lesser restroom trips (can stay in there for up to 12 hours)
  • Eco-friendly (reusable for 1–5 years)
  • Convenient (feels like nothing, you’ll forget you’re wearing one)
  • Safest (unlike toxic-shock syndrome from tampons)

And this is what I need to be with me whenever I’m running, working out, traveling and out in the world!

When opportunity meets preparation

Countless times, menstrual cup saved me from canceling my trips, runs, workouts. Like most of us, I made my decisions around my period. That was how it used to be.

In the first months of figuring out how to use menstrual cup, struggle was real. Struggles on how to wear, what size I should get, how often should I empty. For 3 months, I was making it work. And on the 4th month, it worked out!

It was the best struggle and decision of my life. Life is short. We cannot forever rely on our period whether to schedule an important event or not.

The intention of this article is to get you researching about menstrual cups. Because I know you love to travel, workout and explore the world every single day. May it be a red day or not.

Who knew I would run a full marathon on my red day?

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