Here’s the deal. My friend and her partner has been together for 4 freakin’ years, yet it feels like they still don’t have control of their love life in so many levels.

What do I mean by that? Her partner is too involved with her family. And my friend on the other hand is the opposite. Partner needs to be there during parents’ checkups, grocery shopping, brother’s school application, pretty much everything.

My friend has the complete opposite situation. She’s been away from home since 3rd year college to present. She bought her own condo so she’ll have a place…

It’s been weeks since my poop hasn’t been behaving and I finally figured out what’s messing it. You might have started your biohacking journey with bulletproof coffee or butter coffee.

Probably, you’re experiencing same unfortunate events like me. So in this story, I’m going to share with you how bulletproof/butter coffee is connected to a messy poop.

Bulletproof Coffee vs Butter Coffee

First, let’s breakdown the difference between bulletproof coffee and butter coffee.

Bulletproof Coffee ingredients

  • Bulletproof Coffee Beans (free from mold toxins, lab-tested)
  • Grass-fed Butter
  • Brain Octane Oil (Pure C8 MCT Oil)

Butter Coffee on the other hand:

  • Coffee Beans (not lab-tested, high probability…

Let’s take a break from exes and emotional stress. And compensate it with taking care of your self in the middle of all the stress. Your sleep is a reflection of how stressed you are, and at the same time your stress levels for the day is a reflection of how good your sleep was.

It’s a feedback loop. So if stress is inevitably high these days (like mine), the variable left to play with is your sleep. And to play with your sleep, you have to hack the factors affecting your sleep.

In this story, I will share with…

Yes! Another story about dealing with emotional stress, a.k.a. getting over someone. Disclaimer: I haven’t gotten results from applying the principles you’re about to discover YET. But I can’t wait to share them with you. Who knows, this might help you!

Also, if you’re happy good for you. Please watch and share what you will learn with someone you know who’s going through an emotional stress. Okay?

Okay! And I added “pseudo-ex” because last night I talked to one of my former classmates back in elementary. The funniest guy in our class hehehe. Our conversation led to dealing with heartbreak…

If you follow my stories here, you might be annoyed because topics coming in recently is about exes or breakups. Or you’re enjoying hacking these real-life challenges like me so you keep on reading.

Anyway! We know breakups are stressful, I actually think (maybe I’m exaggerating), it places second place on the list of most stressful events a human being could experience. At least on my list.

The first one is death of a loved one. That sense of loss creates a sense of intense emotional stress. …

Caffeine has built its bad reputation of being addictive, and keeping millions of eyes shut but minds monkeying during wee hours. What I hate the most with coffee was the incontrollable jitters, skipping heartbeats, coldness of hands and feet.

And what fascinates me is it doesn’t happen all the time. Sometimes, I get jittery sometimes not. I decided it’s the caffeine doing this to me. So for a long time, I ordered decaf whenever it’s available.

Funny thing is I still get the jitters even with decaf! What’s wrong with me?! If it’s not the caffeine, what’s causing me to…

Disclaimer: Majority of this content is me speaking from experience backing it up with the current science we have about willpower.

If you experienced a breakup before (serious or not), it hurt you for sure (admit it!). If you decided to start a new life after 3 years of spending it with “the one,” it probably hurt more. Racing thoughts, waves of frustration and disappointment, random cries, and holding back tears during meetings.

Hurt is inevitable. It’s a wishful thinking to hope it doesn’t hurt. Because the truth is it does. It does hurt. Stop tricking yourself you’re not hurting…

First of all, what are mitochondria? If you did great in your biology class, and you’re a grown-up man right now, you might remember them as “power plants” in the cells.

But if you’re like me who ditched reading biology textbooks, you might not want to miss this article ’cause it turns out these little bastards (I’ll tell you later why they’re bastards) could be your best friend or worst enemy.

When you read towards the end, you’ll figure out hacks on how to interact with them a little nicer to serve you better.

Who are these mitochondria?

Mitochondria has been existing in the…

Have you ever wondered why on some days you have a muffin top, some days you don’t? Or some days, you’re bloated, some days you feel lean?

This has been a mystery for me. “Is it the hormones? Is it because I’m having my period?”

Weeks passed and still my period didn’t come.

In this article, I’ll share with you a big AHA! moment when I figured out what’s causing my bloat and gas and cloudy urine at “random” days.

You’re not fat, you’re just inflamed

If you follow me in IG, Facebook or YouTube, you know I’m recently fascinated with the different perspective offered by…

Up until recently, I became more aware of how poor sleep I am having each night. That was just gut feel. In the earlier months, I’m already at bed around 7~8pm with my phone, waiting to doze off.

Then, weeks before I’m writing this content, I am facing a stressful situation in my life. I feel like I’m always in the fight or flight mode. So I began researching on how to minimize the stress and help myself out.

One of those is improving my quality of sleep. It never crossed my mind I’m a terrible sleeper. …

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Life is like code, you spend majority of it debugging. I produce content here and YouTube to help you hack your life.

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